Who: As a graduate from Kent State University in Family Consumer Science Career and Technical Education, I embarked upon my journey as a Family Consumer Science (FCS) educator in August of 2005. I taught Family Consumer Sciences in Danville, Virginia and Culpeper, Virginia for seven years. Specifically, I instructed the following high school courses: Parenting, Life Planning, Early Childhood I, Early Childhood II, Teachers for Tomorrow I, Teachers for Tomorrow II and Personal Development. I also served as the Career and Technical department chair/instructional team leader for three years. During my seven years of teaching, I was awardedTeacher of the Year in 2010 at Eastern View High School. In addition, I served as a Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) advisor for six years. Of those six years, I coached and mentored over 25 of our chapter’s members to the National FCCLA Star Events competition (Nashville 2009, Chicago 2010, California 2011) . Since then I have relocated to the Syracuse area, taken a break from the classroom as I raise our children while earning my Master’s in Literacy Education.

What & Where: As a Syracuse University graduate student in the course Perspectives on Literacy & Technology, I was tasked with completing an independent final project. That is exactly how this blog was born.

Blog Purpose: To serve as a resource for families, Family Consumer Science educators, Literacy educators, and quite possibly FCS students. If I were currently still in a Family Consumer Science classroom, I would implement this blog as a classroom tool/student project. Students would be shown a few model blog posts and it would be required that each student make one post throughout the semester. Their posts would have to include a children’s book, correlating family recipe that meets that week’s criteria and family/literacy expansion activities. This project could/would fit within multiple FCS course competencies (Parenting, Family Relations and Nutrition & Wellness to name a few!) .  Since I do not work in a classroom currently, at this point, I plan to make weekly posts that either could give current FCS or literacy professionals ideas (for personal use or classroom/student use). Furthermore, this blog can serve as a resource for any family with young children. The activities will allow families to take a vital and arguably necessary weekly “time-out” for togetherness while also helping their children’s literacy development.

Sit back, grab a picture book,  apron and enjoy your dinner!

– Sara


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